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Contact Person: Jean-Francois Sobiecki
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  • Nutritionist
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Gift Yourself with an Online Course in Natural Medicine!


Do you want to Learn about using Natural Medicine to Boost your Health & Wellness from a specialist in the field of Medicinal Plants & Nutrition and from the comfort of your own Home.


Jean-Francois Sobiecki. B.Sc. Hons. Ethnobot. (UJ), Dipl.Clin.Nutr. (Aus), one of South Africa’s leading medicinal plant researchers, nutritionist and herbalist healer is offering these New, Exciting and Informative Courses including:

·        Food as Medicine, to boost concentration, mood & memory

·        Introduction to Psychoactive Plants, to prevent conditions such as ADHD, stress and anxiety. 

·        The Major Visionary Plants and FAQ’s Guide. 

·        South African Medicinal Plants Healing Walk.  


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Transform Your Life through the Power of Natural Medicine!