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Contact Person: Dr Annelise Bunce
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  • Holistic Massage
  • Life Coach
Office Number: 011 463 9082
Mobile Number: 082 699 2662
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Live Blood Analysis


Dr Annelise Bunce is a homeopathic doctor practising in Linden, Johannesburg. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Witwatersrand in 2002, majoring in Psychology and English. This stimulated her interest in the intricate relationship between body and mind with respect to disease. She wanted to further her studies in a field where a holistic approach could be incorporated in the attainment of sound health. Dr Bunce found homeopathy to be the answer since it takes both the physical and/or emotional state into consideration when determining the treatment for a patient.

In 2006 she graduated from the University of Johannesburg where she obtained her M:Tech Hom. For a period after graduation she worked closely with a psychologist where she learned of the effects that stress can have on the physical body and the extent to which it might act as an obstacle to cure. Increased pollution, chemicals in our food and water plus daily stressors can all be classified as obstacles to cure. Dr Bunce makes use of live blood analysis to find these underlying causes contributing to disease.

Her treatment incorporates the principles of Sevenpointfive® which espouses the philosophy of systemic balance through the cleansing and nourishing of your body. Once balanced, your body has the strongest chance of healing itself naturally by dealing with the root cause. Dr Bunce life time dream would be to have a television shown which would assist South Africans to improve their life through proper lifestyle, supplementation and nutrition.

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It is better not to eat or drink, except for water, two hours before a consultation. A short questionnaire on your eating and lifestyle habits will be completed on commencement of the consultation. After which a drop of blood from your finger will be taken and placed under a microscope. An image of the live blood is fed via camera onto a monitor for you to see your own blood magnified 1000 times with the purpose of determining:

  1. The extent of damage done to red blood cells by ‘free radicals’.
  2. If there is proper nutrient absorption occurring at a cellular level.
  3. How toxic the blood is and therefore the body.
  4. If there is an over infestation of ‘bad’ bacteria or candida.
  5. If there is stress on the liver and kidneys.
  6. If the immune system is strong or weak.
  7. If there is any cholesterol crystal or uric acid formations present

This unique analysis is able to give insight on what is causing health problems, allowing you to address the cause of ill health rather than the symptoms.