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Contact Person: Willem Smut
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  • Dance
Office Number: 082 458 1031
Mobile Number: 082 458 1031
Floor: 3rd Floor
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  • Holistic Therapist
  • CosmoDance Facilitator
  • Blissdance Facilitator



Cosmodance sessions are on a Monday and Friday evening 19h00- 21h15 and they are hosted by Willem Smuts.


Willem is a very experienced facilitators as has been facilitating movement sessions for the past 10 years.
Cosmodance is a sparkling crystalline Conscious Dance process helping participants bring their systems into alignment with greater Life and the superfluid energies of the Cosmos. Vibrant, dynamic, joyfully flowing and expansive expressive movements with specifically chosen music is used to help Dancers move into alignment and balance.

Cosmodance was founded by Willem Smuts as a process that gradually revealed itself to him over a period of 15 years as the next level of work through his intensive involvement facilitating and participating in Conscious Dance processes. The intention is creating a portal of transcendence through dance to the higher levels of consciousness and energy, setting a process in motion for your bodymind to be transformed and upgraded to a superhighway of consciousness or in other words to be in Presence of Awareness.

The modern science of consciousness sees Space as a Holographic, super-fluid, liquid-crystalline matrix and our body as a liquid crystal network. As such, space-time and all matter is liquid-crystalline in nature. (William Brown*)

Through the use of specific music, tuning in to energy guidance , as well as the groups energy, the facilitator sets up coherent crystalline fields that help dancers move into a deeper order of Core Self.

The Cosmodance process also assists old energy, blockages, samskaras or miasmas to be released from our bodymind, and once this happens we can be like a clear crystal, pulsing in harmony with the frequencies of the Universe. When we clear old energy and blockages from our system it also enables us to access more and more subtle energies, thus fine tuning our capacity to a richer and more fulfilling Life of high quality.

The Cosmodance process also primarily helps us to move into Presence, with the wonderful result of feeling renewed, sparklingly refreshed, clear , in Joy, aligned , harmonized, expanded , at Peace and radiating Love, enthusiastically connected and in tune with the greater Orchestra of Life.

Cosmodance has three modalities:

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Cosmodance Peace of I, where the focus is more on the Individual,helping each participant to deepen their experience of their connection with Life and the Cosmos. On Monday evenings 19h15.

Cosmodance Free Flow Expression -   A space of continual uninterrupted expression is created for Dancers to express deeply into their own expression and flow, with very little facilitation input. On some Fridays or Saturdays.

Cosmodance Infinite Unity – the focus is on the power of relationship , deeper Trance and inter personal harmony, where the Community Union and harmony adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Friday evenings.

Cosmodance Free Flow and Cosmodance Unity are on Friday evenings 19h15 at the Cosmic Studio at the Naturally Yours Centre in Bryanston.

Cosmodance Peace of I experiences are on a Monday evening 19h15 at the Cosmic Studio at the Naturally Yours Centre in Bryanston. Participation is R120 or R400 for a month of four Mondays paid in advance.